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Who will you listen to today?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Sep 24, 2023

Sometimes all you need is a listening ear. (Share on Twitter)

It is not the red pill nor the blue pill. It’s the magic pill. It’s not red because there is no revelation that will happen outside the reality you exist in. It’s not the blue pill either because you won’t return to the same experience that you were in.

It’s the magic pill because it’s an act of almost no action but immense satisfaction that goes beyond your current reality and yet not escaping it. No advice or even help delivered either, just presence. Most likely not even spoken words, yet the magic pill of listening is still effective.

Nothing beats a listening ear, so either be one or make sure to have people in your life that can be it for you.

Who will you listen to today?

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A Poem: When the story runs by Carlo Mahfouz

When the story runs, and you don’t notice
It carries you gently from one horizon to the other
Without a blip to be heard or a distraction in sight
It keeps your attention from all and any

It holds it close, so close that it doesn’t feel distinct
In it a truth that speaks loud and clear
When the story goes and you are it
Not a part or a character but the full story

So much so that you forget there was a story
And your role was once in it but now no more
The story continues and the narrator disappears
For when it’s close to home you and it become one

For all intended purposes it was never any different
Except in the stream of being a blip disturbed the flow
And the story finished with an ending that took your breath
Only to notice that all along the story ran and you were nowhere to be found

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& one resource: Mastering the Art of Corporate Budgeting by CFO Secrets

Finance might not be your thing, but no matter if you are a corporation or an individual, budgeting is a valuable skill to have. This article does a great job of talking you through plainly and not in technical jargon. Gain a CFO mindset; even if some of the items there don’t make sense overall, you will still learn one or two new things.

Give it a read here

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