“A personal and thoughtful reflection on how to see more clearly in order to contribute more effectively to the world around us.”

Elvin Turner

Best-selling Corporate Innovation Author of Be Less Zombie

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Reality Check: A Framework & set of Principles to Gain Clarity & Focus

Packed with self-empowerment tools and tactics, Reality Check will teach you how to view problems with new eyes, honing your attention and identifying possibilities.

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The Timeline

A timeline of pictures, videos and interactive elements that support each chapter as well as access to quotes from featured interviewees.

The Worksheet: Define and Identify to Recognize

The first step is to be aware of who we are. The worksheet guides you through prompts revealed in the book to unlock your own identities.

The Playbook: Explore and Experiment to Understand

A set of guidelines to challenge your thinking to be more strategic and prepared when addressing problems.

Exclusive Platform: Check Your Reality

Experience a Reality Check through the platform with interactive tools and exercises from the book.

How Reality Check came to be ?

9 Things This Book Will Teach You...

Part One: Context

1. Leverage Scope

Every problem is defined by the constraints and rules that we set. How we leverage scope determines how we can position ourselves for success.

2. Tease The Extremes

There is almost always a context which sits on the edge which is commandeering our attention and we are oblivious to it.

3. Be Conscious of The Current Context

Change and context are interconnected and heavily dependent on each other. One cannot exist without the other as they influence each other.

Part Two: Time

4. Let It Go, Let It Go

Letting go helps us to break out of the past holds to be in the now.

5. Embrace Ambiguity

In certainty, the future relieves us and in uncertainty it leaves us distraught. Certainty manifests in answers, solutions and conclusions.

6. Moment Of Truth

While time is immeasurable, immutable, and unchanging, it still is the author of change. It is the echo that vibrates and writes our history and sets a rhythm that carries our progress.

Part Three: Observer

7. Speak The Same Language

The ultimate context which underlies anything we say, think or listen to is the language we use. It is the gateway and the gatekeeper.

8. Leverage Anchors

Anchors are the tools we use for something to hold us to a starting point for our exploration. Believing that we do not have them is the first mistake.

9. Do Not Think, Listen

Ego is rooted in the Anchors and the biases that live in the Observer. When Ego is speaking, it does not give room for Listening.
Reality Check Book by Carlo Mahfouz

Praise for Reality Check

A personal and thoughtful reflection on how to see more clearly in order to contribute more effectively to the world around us.

Elvin Turner
Elvin Turner
Best-selling Corporate Innovation Author of Be Less Zombie

If you've ever wondered how you could actually perform a reality check, read Carlo's book. He reverse-engineered what it takes to "clearly read the now" by asking the right questions ... and not necessarily even trying to find an answer. Carlo unapologetically presents his themes from within a personal frame but takes great care to offer his insights as suggestions instead of anything like 'the truth.'

Katrijn van Oudheusden
Katrijn van Oudheusden
Non-Dual leadership Coach & Author of Selfless Leadership

I enjoyed the stories in Reality Check. Carlo’s authenticity and integrity shine through with each lesson and takeaway. Furthermore, the breadth of interviews and concepts inspired me to better understand myself and the world around me.

Elie Touma
Elie Touma
Director of Client Solutions at Energy Sciences and Author of Haneen

I loved Reality Check's structure with main topics broken down by Carlo's research into personal stories and takeaways. Carlo addresses big topics in a very accessible way without making it stereotypical.

Andre Fangueiro
Andre Fangueiro
Head of Design at Tietoevry & Owner at Studio Lata

A fantastic book! I love how Carlo drew upon his many experiences and personas to describe such a vast and abstract concept and relate it metaphorically to rehearsing and being on the stage. I am excited to explore the platform mentioned, engage with the community of readers, and compare notes!

Pawla Ghaleb
Pawla Ghaleb
Founder and CEO at PBG Consulting LLC

Reality Check is a book I wish I had 15 years ago. It’s packed with examples and insights on how to get your questions right in order to improve and change. Carlo is a child of change, and this gem of a book will help you realize to not look for answers when asking questions. It sounds backwards, but it’s true. Read it and find out!

Ola Helland
Ola Helland
UX Design Manager at Laerdal Medical and Writer of the comedy/science TV-show Brille

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