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“I love the mix of depth and brevity in your newsletters Carlo. Also, it's beautiful. I always look forward to it.”

Katrijn van Oudheusden
Katrijn van Oudheusden
Coach & Author of Selfless Leadership
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"I loved this newsletter episode, particularly where you say that we connect through weaknesses... It resonated with me and it's so true. Thank you for writing, Carlo!"

Marielle Fares
Marielle Fares
Pharmacist & Medical Writer, Owner at Science Notes LLC
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Asking the right questions is paying attention. If we can see it, then we can ask about it. Thus, to pay attention, we need to be focused. To be focused, we need to be present. To be present, we need to be in the moment. And to be in the moment, we need to be prepared.

Carlo Mahfouz

A heartfelt welcome

Hi, I'm Carlo Mahfouz

I’m the author of Reality Check, which is a guide to help you navigate today’s world, filled with uncertainty and distractions. Through our collective awareness, I hope that we can start identifying and working on the right questions that make our today a reflection of our future. Reality Check is only but the spark of the beginning and not the end.

Let us build a world that is not afraid of change and that no matter how complex the problem is, we are ready to tackle it. Not because we know and can foresee what it will be, but because we are constantly adapting.

So let's adapt and change, thanks for being here and welcome!

Click here to learn more about me and my work.

— Carlo Mahfouz

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"I loved this first Dose of Reality Check I received! The Quote/questions are so insightful and inspiring."

Kristina Eisenhower
Kristina Eisenhower
Author & Coach at Kaleido Living
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"Great newsletter, Carlo! I love your quotes; they are very insightful. I like how you have also turned it into a podcast, making it easier for people like me, who prefer to consume long-form content differently."

Joshua Rozario
Joshua Rozario
Founder & Chief Marketer at Mindshare Digital, Inc

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