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Who, Where, What is consuming your attention?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Aug 20, 2023

Your most valuable asset is attention. (Share on Twitter)

It’s not time nor your wits, or that investment you made in Apple 10 years ago.

It might be that attractive person catching your eye on it’s periphery, or that loud noise screaming at you from down the hall, or even that nagging feeling to check your phone to respond to that Slack message or email.

Yet before assuming you can or attempt to control it, pay attention to your attention.

A bit meta and a tongue twister but doable.

Who, Where, What is consuming your attention?

Revel in being surprised as you learn about you more than anyone can tell you.

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A Poem: The turbulence that Seeks the Calmness Within by Carlo Mahfouz

The turbulence seeks the calm
As a mystical reading from the palm

We separate one from the other
While in each neither is a bother

The turbulence that seeks the calmness within
Bears the marks of the struggling sin

In truth and lies neither win
Yet faith redeems the peace within

As calmness turns turbulent
And turbulence becomes silent

Turbulence seeks the calmness within.

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& one resource: AI Use Case: Lenny Bot

Every week there is a new AI use case being shared. And thus far, some of the best applications of it are simply in knowledge management. If you thought search engines accelerated your access to information, think again, as AI will blow it out of the water. Here is an example of Lenny's Newsletter creating a bot that references his articles.

Try it here

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