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Who do you trust?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jul 20, 2023

To reduce scope, find who or what you trust. (Share on Twitter)

When faced with so many things to deal with, whether at work or home, the answer is easy but difficult. It is easy because the fewer things you have, ideally, it should make it easier to tackle.

In other words, reduce the scope, and a task becomes smaller.

Yet simultaneously difficult because we often don’t want less; if anything, in reality, we want more.

We fear missing out on the opportunities, meetings, or What ifs that could happen if we didn’t do it all or were present for it. Thus a vicious cycle is built on the heels of fear and desire, which often leads to a stalemate, and we are crippled.

Yet there is a way out. One strategy to fling ourselves out of this hamster wheel is to ask this question.

Who/What do we trust?

For example:
Do you trust an idea is worth pursuing? If yes, execute it. If not, then understand why you don’t trust it and figure that out first.

Do you trust a colleague to be present instead of you in a specific meeting? Then don’t join it and let them debrief you when necessary.

Do you trust your family member/ friend will ask you for help when they need it?

Trust is the key to reducing the scope.

Who/What do you trust?

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A Poem: Attracted To Contrast We Are by Carlo Mahfouz

Strong colors brightened by rain
Greens so clear driving you insane

The grey backdrop amplifies
In day or night it glorifies

The beauty so solemn in its wake
For the peace to rise and shake

In contrast we are present
In the stark divide we repent

For days lost without a backdrop of grey
To amplify the wandering essence in dismay

Beauty rises, colors fill the depth
In the deep abyss of the dew falling wept

Read the full poem

& one resource: Why the Illusion of Control Is Hurting Your Goals by Nir Eyal

In this article, Nir highlights the illusion of control bias — a tendency for people to believe they have more control over outcomes than they actually do. Check out the exercise in the article to get a real feel of what it looks like.

Give it a read here

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