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What do you hear when listening?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Dec 24, 2023

Listening has no sound. (Share on Twitter)

If you can hear it, then you are not listening.

Sounds counterintuitive, yet the thing with truly being present and open to listening is that if you are aware of it, then you are distracted by it.

Once the hearing stops, the listening begins.
Once you recognize this, the true magic begins.

What do you hear when listening?

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A Poem: Resist the urge to Agree or Disagree instead Ponder by Carlo Mahfouz

Resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

Let the fear sway you
And the guilt tempts you

Let the joy lift you

Without a ceiling to break
Let the skepticism play

Without taking over
Let the criticism scrutinize

Without leaving anything alive
Resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

For in the unexpected moment
Shall arise a seed

From outside your knowing
A beacon of wisdom will pierce the veil

From where it’s not clear
From who is even more obscure

Yet resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

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& one resource: Holiday Season Wishes by Carlo & Yulia

My partner and I recorded this back in 2019. While both of us come from very different worlds, we find the holiday season an opportunity for togetherness and embracing all identities that we hold in the spirit of love. While you may celebrate differently, the joy, care, and sense of belonging stay the same, and there is beauty in the uniqueness we all embody in the face of the oneness we share. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 46 seconds. Give it a listen here

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