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What are you priming for?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Aug 03, 2023

After every climax, there is a dip. One we expect, the other we miss. (Share on Twitter)

We often work hard to reach a specific goal. We put in energy and sweat, foregoing sleep and rest. We struggle and hustle to reach the top. And then the epic finale is within reach; we grasp it without hesitation and with full vigor.

We deserve it.

Yet what we often miss is that priming for the climax is simultaneously preparing for a dip. Because for it even to be called a climax, a dip is bound to happen. The only difference is that one we are totally expecting and the other often not.

The expectation is the difference, not the slope. The fluctuation is constant, the anticipation is what varies with the magnitude and weight of the climax.

What are you priming for?

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A Poem: Truth To Be Told by Carlo Mahfouz

Truth to be told
There is nothing to behold

When the context is not right
Nothing fits or sounds tight

The pedigree decree
The identity overshadows the me

The I that holds
In essence multitude of folds

Shattered by a pre-conceived trajectory
To be false in its preset directory

Of lame preconceptions
Born out of nothing but inceptions

Of a mind validated by time
And in its pride a blasphemous rhyme

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& one resource: Privacy Versus Progress in Medicine by Richard Hanania

In the battle against privacy, especially with the prevalence of AI, this article by Richard Hanania is an illuminating take on the harm caused on the flip side of privacy. If you are short on time, jump to the last section titled “Why Progress Has Stalled.”

Give it a read here

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