I’m Carlo. Nice to meet you.

I founded Reality Check Institute as a space for unconventional wisdom for conscious minds where you will not find answers but questions, no telling but showing, and most of all, no step-by-step manuals because the essence of learning is the discovery itself, not merely following a scripted path.

Our mission is to help you recognize the deep presence living in you. To tap into it, Reality Check Institute offers a collection of thought-provoking literature, a weekly newsletter, and an all-encompassing platform that's a home for every resource we offer.

We believe no one’s context maps to another. Thus, our approach is different. You will be nudged to read between the lines rather than focusing on the actual words.

From compelling prose and striking poetry to concise mini-courses and in-depth thought exercises, the narratives offered here might be intensely personal or could wander in a dream of words, but regardless of their nature, they remain raw, unfiltered, and honest.

That’s my promise — an experience that is as genuine as it is transformative.

You will encounter three key themes to help you vanish in the moment.

  • 01


    Stranded without recognizing and understanding who we are, we will struggle to be present. Shed your self to find yourself.

  • 02


    We are destined to help and influence each other. Explore how to listen to better connect and be of service.

  • 03


    The engine behind creativity and forward progress. Uncover the true dimensions of what innovation is and how to approach it.


What is & Why Reality Check?

In the face of a very uncertain world full of ambiguity and distractions from every angle, what becomes most important is “How do we know what matters most to tackle?”

The twenty-first century is filled with significant innovation and technological advancement, yet when it came to responding to the challenges the 2020–2021 pandemic presented, we struggled. From the smallest problems, which feel minute in retrospect, to the grandeur of dilemmas as climate change, which feel overwhelming and complex, I believe it all comes down to the questions we ask.

Asking the right questions is paying attention. If we can see it, then we can ask about it. Thus, to pay attention, we need to be focused. To be focused, we need to be present. To be present, we need to be in the moment. And to be in the moment, we need to be prepared.

So how do we get better at asking the right questions? What I propose as one of the answers is to have more reality check moments and be in the now. Those moments create the clarity we need for the right questions to surface, they are the preparation.

I define Reality Check as a clear reading of the “now,” void of distractions. By void, I do not mean they disappear. Instead, they are no longer distracting. Consider the void a sense of heightened levels of clarity amidst all stimuli. It is a moment that yanks us to reality and allows us to see the present moment. Thus, our attention is honed and focused. We suddenly realize what matters most.

From within that lens, Reality Check Institute was born to guide you to be in the moment to be served the right questions when you need them.

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