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Is your unity conditional?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Oct 29, 2023

Unity & animosity often go hand in hand, yet they don’t have to. (Share on Twitter)

We love stories. And in them, we worship heroes and what they stand for. We rally behind them and look up to them as they ward off evil.

In their cause, we unite. We unite against...

Let me interrupt you just right there.

The second we say we unite “against” this against is the source of animosity, and what comes after doesn’t matter if it is evil or good.

Hatred is already accomplished. Yet that doesn’t have to be the case because Unity doesn’t need a against.

Unity always exists. It doesn’t appear under certain conditions, nor does it need to be sought after. It is always there. What it needs to reveal itself is for the ego to be silenced, and then unity is present.

Is your unity conditional?

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A Poem: To the silent dormant genius in you, I have a message by Carlo Mahfouz

I have long hair, and it doesn’t bother me a bit.
You don’t care, and that’s true, but hey, it’s lit.

I have dreamed to fly and flying I have with wings I have yet to see.
You’re not sure what I'm smoking, but a mist is already forming, rising from within the depth of the sea.

I have changed without changing. And you have no clue how that could be.
In you, there is a silent, dormant genius that doesn’t know how to wake up.
And yet awakened it needs to be.

It yawns every now and then, and a glimmer pierces through.
You are astounded by its radiance, yet quickly, it fades too.

Don’t you look great, long hair or not the glamour shines true.
Beyond the thick mist hides a genius dormant in you, and so far, you had no clue.

Stretch far, stretch wide, pull yourself apart to release you.
The dormant shall no longer be silent, and in you, a new you shall be born out of the silent genius that lies within the depths of you.

To the silent dormant genius in you, I have a message.

It’s about you, and yet it has nothing to do with you.
Once the genius is awakened, no you will remember you.

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& one resource: Stanford scientist concludes: We don't have free will

This article, originally published in the Los Angeles Times by Corinne Purtill, shares an interesting perspective by neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky about free will. Sapolsky argues: “We are machines exceptional in our ability to perceive our own experiences and feel emotions about them. It is pointless to hate a machine for its failures.”

Give it a read here

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