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Is your potential overwhelming you?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Sep 17, 2023

When your potential is greater than you, it often overwhelms you. (Share on Twitter)

Have you ever had this nagging feeling or question you could not understand? It felt so true, but you still couldn’t resolve it wherever you searched for it.

It drove you nuts, and you became more and more obsessed and frustrated. Until eventually, you gave up and drifting to the back of your existence; you let it go to preserve your sanity.

Yet true it remained with no answer in sight to quench your thirst. Like a heavy stone, it weighed on you, knowing it existed but never able to touch it or see it. And every time you tried, it grew bigger and sunk deeper out of reach.

If you have been there, don’t get depressed or discouraged because not all our questions or answers will be within our reach, even though they came from us. Our potential is often bigger than us.

We assume it isn’t because we have been conditioned to think that what we seek should exist within our reach; otherwise, it can’t be found.

And yet, there is a truth we know but can’t always touch. It manifests in a question with no answer, a drive with no clear why, and in the limitations of who we are, we succumb to the agony of knowing it’s true but never understanding how and why. In you, there is a bigger you, and often you won’t be able to understand it. And that’s OK.

We are not always ready to answer our own questions, which doesn’t necessarily mean the question is wrong or there is no answer. It simply could be we are looking in the wrong place, or we are not ready yet to find it.

Is your potential overwhelming you?

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A Poem: Vibrant Life Mysteries by Carlo Mahfouz

Vibrant life mysteries are
Colorful and care free
In admitting you know it’s truth
You deny it’s most beautiful essence

Shy away and it shows itself
Believe you can master it’s understanding
And it will never be revealed
In its fullest colors and vibrance

A mystery it shall remain
In and within itself not known
And yet reached without a path taken
Led by a non imageable freedom

Read the full poem

& one resource: Lindy Lee: Motion in a Dew Drop

In this interview, artist Lindy Lee shares many nuggets of wisdom, not to mention a sneak peek into her mesmerizing artwork. On identity and belonging, she says: “If you belong, you don’t have to exploit, you don’t have to declare, it just simply is.” She shares the latter within the first 5-7 minutes of the interview for full context.

Duration: 30 minutes. Give it a listen here

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