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Is your identity using you, or are you using it?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jan 07, 2024

All identities are formed and limiting, and not one can capture you fully. (Share on Twitter)

The second we are born, they start piling. One prison after the other, encasing the one before or renaming it. From your last name to your religion, country, race, language, profession, title, and even your hobbies, they add up. Some are stronger than others, some weaker and more prone to be dismissed or changed.

Cages they are, put on a pedestal and rewarded at every turn — validated by a rap sheet resume of experience and belonging to one identity clan over the other. And after a while, they become so deeply ingrained that we forget their true nature — prisons and labels limiting and never capturing fully who we truly are.

Always a fraction of a fraction mirrored in the eyes of perception by the observer witnessing them. And as that may, the reality is that they will never disappear, and they don’t need to. Instead, use them, and don’t let them use you.

In the end, they are but a fraction of a fraction of your being, if that, a prison and cage deemed more worthy than they should be. Lose them, gain them, embrace them, or release them. All is fair game.

Is your identity using you, or are you using it?

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A Poem: Get out of the way by Carlo Mahfouz

Reclaim the space you take
in your sphere of consciousness,
distracting your attention
from the things that matter in this instance.

We live inside a bubble of a self
trying to be aware of itself,
consumed in a vicious cycle of trying to be
but being defeated by the same goal it tries to achieve.

Make way for you to surface
by disappearing and not existing at all,
as if you are forgotten and lost to this instance
from the records we try to keep.

Remember the instance,
and don’t be aware of it.
It goes against everything you believe,
yet in the essence of being
the most pristine and pure form
is to be not there.

Literally, figuratively, and in every other way
you can think of,
it’s the scariest thing
you will ever do,
yet it will be the most alive
you have ever felt or been.

Let go of the idea of YOU.

The obsession with what defines you
or the thoughts that keep you alive
and in your absence, your most authentic truth appears.

Unfiltered, unburdened
by the cognitive load of being
what it feels like is hard to explain,
but once you find it or technically lose it,
you will never want it back.

Get out of the way!

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& one resource: The Universe Is Not Locally Unique, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It

This article is fascinating in and by itself and totally worth a full read, but I can’t summarize it. Instead, I want to draw your attention to this statement on unpopular questions: “The award honors Clauser, Aspect, and Zeilinger, but it is testament to all the researchers who were unsatisfied with superficial explanations about quantum mechanics and who asked their questions even when doing so was unpopular.”

Give it a read here

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