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Is your divergence acceptable?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jul 27, 2023

Divergence without commonality is abnormal. (Share on Twitter)

One of the cornerstones of innovation is divergence or breakthrough to deliver novel ideas, yet divergence without a root and anchor to hook onto doesn’t work.

Because when we can’t understand the connection, no matter how faint it is, we tend to reject it only on the basis of unfamiliarity. It’s a defense mechanism sort of speak to everything that masks itself as foreign.

It only becomes normal when we can connect to it. We can only accept it when we find a slither of resonance to build from.

Like a contemporary piece of music bothering our senses and disrupting our attention, melded by some classical familiarity, the dissonance fades away, and the mastery of the divergence is accepted.

Is your divergence acceptable?

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A Poem: Meditation by Charles Baudelaire

Calm down, my Sorrow, we must move with care.
You called for evening; it descends; it’s here.
The town is coffined in its atmosphere,
bringing relief to some, to others care.

Now while the common multitude strips bare,
feels pleasure’s cat o’nine tails on its back
and fights off anguish at the great bazaar,
give me your hand, my Sorrow. Let’s stand back;

Source: Poetry (September 1961)

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& one resource: Environmental Heresies by Stewart Brand

An interesting prediction on the reversal of perspectives regarding the environment narrative within the next ten years by Stewart Brand. Brand ends the article by saying: “Within the environmental movement, scientists are the radical minority leading the way. They are already transforming the perspective on urbanization and population growth. But their radicalism and leadership will have to increase if humanity is to harness green biotech and step up to its responsibilities for the global climate. The romantics are right, after all: we are indi­visible from the earth's natural systems.”

Give it a read here

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