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Does your value change?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jun 01, 2023

Worthiness is not a function of perceived value. (Share on Twitter)

One of the most dangerous measures of worthiness is perceived value.

We champion our organizations, societies, or even lives on the heels of purpose and delivering value. Yet value is almost always perceived.

And in that correlation of value and worthiness, we undermine the true potential of who we are and what our organizations could be.

Where perceived value relies on external factors, worthiness is intrinsically internal and, above all, immutable.

While one can change, the other doesn't. And that is a key differentiator. It is easy to forget but true nonetheless. Thus there is no question to ask, yet a statement:

Worthiness is not a function of perceived value.

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A Poem: Sit back and watch

Slow your breath
However, you know how
Breathe in or breathe out
It doesn’t really matter how

Slow your thinking By not thinking at all
If you’re a master but truly you’re not
So just be amused by the thoughts
Running through or slowing down

Slow your walk
Take a step back in every step forward
Without moving backward
Let there be a lag in your move
So that you move while standing still

Sit back and watch
The movie has just started
Popcorn at hand
And you are nowhere to be seen
Except on the big screen
With a popcorn in hand
Sit back and watch

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& one resource: Etel Adnan - Colour as Language

In very few words, Adnan summarizes so much of how we understand the world and our relation with color and nature. I loved it. Simple yet powerful words: "I am very sensitive to beauty. We don't speak of beauty anymore. ... beauty is an inner sense." Check out this beautiful short interview of her life's work before she passed away in 2021 at the age of 96.

Duration: 7min 27 seconds. Give it a listen here

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