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Do you see complexity or simplicity?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jun 22, 2023

Nothing is inherently complex or simple. It’s all a matter of perspective. (Share on Twitter)

Zoom out enough, and even the earth will look like a simple big circle. Of course, its complexity didn’t go away, yet from that perspective; it is simplified.

Every problem scoped properly will become simpler either because of the reduced number of constraints and parameters that influence it or simply by understanding them differently.

Either way, complexity is a matter of perspective.

And in retrospect, the most simple of understandings often hold the most complexity.

A monk’s silence speaks louder than a philosopher or scientist’s preaching. In simplicity lies complexity, and in complexity lies simplicity once a better understanding is achieved.

Our ability to move from one context or plain of understanding to another defines how good we are at solving complex problems or embracing simple wisdoms.

So when faced with complexity, recognize that you are looking at simplicity too as soon as you can traverse the plains of understanding necessary for that complexity to become simple. And vice versa.

Do you see complexity or simplicity?

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A Poem: Pour into yourself and scoop by Carlo Mahfouz

Scoop from the endless bottom
That seems to have an end
But it’s merely an illusion my friend
Trust in the fragility, all naked and some

For there is nothing more rewarding
Than pouring and fearing
one scoop of heart
That echos in the chambers of those depart

From you, within you, and all around
Scoop into the pond that renders all bare
Pour yourself to replenish the sound
That once was there to care

Read the full poem

& one resource: How to Solve the Toughest Problems, with Wendy Smith

An inspiring talk with so many things that align with my thinking. It is truly worth a full listen, but if you have limited time. The section about either-or thinking and the rationale of why we fall into it is on-point. That section is only 3 minutes, and it starts at 6:49.

Duration: 37min 20 seconds. Give it a listen here

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