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Do you quake in the face of utterances or resolve in serenity?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Feb 04, 2024

Disturbing, mending, or everything in between, be wary of the power of the vibrations that we call words. (Share on Twitter)

Spoken or unspoken, the vibrations imprint words in our being that associate outcomes, consequences, and identification all within a single utterance.

It's hard to explain, even though it's understood. There is more to what a single word means or does. It drills so deep, positively or negatively, so much so that it is difficult to ignore the quakes it makes on our presence.

Yet, have you noticed the weight of stillness and serenity in the face of the disturbance?

Like a calm surface of water settling back into its peace after a ripple has been dropped, the sinking of the utterance deep into the depth clears the ripple's mend almost as if the void drowns the vibrations.

Do you quake in the face of utterances or resolve in serenity?

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A Poem: BIG by Carlo Mahfouz

Over-towering and over the top looking
As it may, the presence shadows the being

We grow sometimes, but most often, we shrink
In the wilderness of overwhelm, we think

The thinking minimizes the presence
The expansion of us and all disappears in essence

Following the truth at best, feel the BIG in you
The vastness of a space beyond, living in a dew

And greater than the rain falling in a storm
Swirling in an eye, watching over with no norm

How BIG, how expanded, and vast there is
Once you are present in its greatness bliss

It transports you beyond what could be
Without leaving where you ought to be

The BIG that lives in the wonder and the beauty
Doesn’t cower now or ever lose its space willingly

In forevermore BIG it remains vast
Towering your being sits greater than a shadow cast

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& one resource: What can make me an Olympic champion can also kill me by Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson tells his story from two lenses, and in the span of a few minutes, it will hit you on two extremes — one that is positive and filled with success and another that is riddled with pain and failures. The first 3min once he starts talking, will give you a taste of the dichotomies that live in all of us, irrespective of how the story is told.

Duration: 15 minutes 30 seconds. Give it a listen here

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