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Do you have the space to exist?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jun 15, 2023

You happen in the space of your existence. (Share on Twitter)

Take a break. Hustling and bustling life have become without the space for a moment to stand still and take a cup of tea without worrying about itself being lost.

The easiest thing to do is the most difficult to come by. A space. A break. A moment untethered. Within ourselves, organizations, or societies, the hamster wheel keeps running, and yet no destination is reached.

We love our KPIs (key performance indicators), so here is one for you.

How many spaces do you have in an hour, a day, a week, a month where you are untethered? Meaning your mind is not dancing, and your mouth is not running, or your ears are bombarded by this and that. Measure it.

And it’s not about meditating either. It is simply being. Once you find the space to happen, you will become. And in becoming, you will flourish.

Recognize you need the space.
Understand that’s what your missing
… and accept it.

Don’t let the moment leave you without allowing yourself to be.

Do you have the space to exist?

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A Poem: God by Khalil Gibran

And after a thousand years I climbed the sacred mountain and again
spoke unto God, saying, “My God, my aim and my fulfillment; I am
thy yesterday and thou are my tomorrow. I am thy root in the earth
and thou art my flower in the sky, and together we grow before the
face of the sun.”

Then God leaned over me, and in my ears whispered words of sweetness,
and even as the sea that enfoldeth a brook that runneth down to
her, he enfolded me.

And when I descended to the valleys and the plains God was there

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& one resource: A talk with Ross Romano on the Authority Podcast

Talking about measuring methods, in this talk, I shared an exercise to allow you to capture the space needed to let go of some of the distractions and expand your presence for a better read of the needed priorities. That section is only 3 minutes, and it starts at 31:55.

Duration: 40 min 23 seconds. Give it a listen here

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