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Can you recognize and face momentum when it’s not what you expected?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Oct 15, 2023

Momentum has many faces, yet most are not easy to recognize or encounter. (Share on Twitter)

When push comes to shove, momentum shows its face in the most unexpected ways. It’s hard to distinguish because often it’s not wearing a flowery dress or accompanied by a big smile.

In reality, it hides behind disagreements, failure, and conflict. Behaviors and interpretations, we often assume, are detrimental to progress, yet they are crucial to it. The beauty of momentum is that it doesn’t discriminate. It’s simply part of the process.

So when you are staring right at the wolf of change gnarling at you with their full front-line fangs on display.

Don’t be scared or intimidated; you have their attention. Between their death stare and your resolve, momentum will get you to safe harbor.

Can you recognize and face momentum when it’s not what you expected?

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A Poem: Some Distance by Carlo Mahfouz

Plain old distance
Not playful in exciting existence
Nor stormy in raging feelings
Yet boring and static with no dealings
Of heart mind or soul
Just old, plain and whole

Distance being too far
Or just a tad of a throw from a scar
It brings home the silence
It deals with the violence
Of rage and grief
Angry and bereaved

Oh & oh some distance’s whiff
Break the sound over a cliff
Rein the solitude and gain
Clarity in thought with no pain
In a singular instance
Of some distance

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