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Can you have faith in someone you feel they do not need it?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jan 28, 2024

Everyone needs someone to have faith in them. (Share on Twitter)

And that doesn't exclude your boss or the most successful and cheerful person you know. If anything, they are probably the ones who need it the most.

Everyone is a leader, even if it's not in your title or job description, especially when you don't believe you are. And as such, your task is to inspire and root for others, and in doing so, you are rooting for yourself too.

Have faith in others, and you will have faith in yourself. And that's true more than anything because we are all connected and one. We might have different backgrounds, titles, ethnic backgrounds, genders, etc.. but in our humanity, we unite.

Can you have faith in someone you feel they do not need it?

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A Poem: Blurry by Carlo Mahfouz

Blurry is a beauty,
occasionally squinting for a brief focus
that relaxes back into the blurry
rather than the other way around.

The more focused we are,
the less open our gaze is.
The more precise our predicament,
the worse our acceptance is.
The more, the more
lies the lies
of the cruelty of more.

The bully encroaches
in their decisiveness and clarity,
believing no other could be or is.
Where the shy, the timid instead relaxes
in the ease of a moment lacking
but respectfully probably way more than it merits.

Conviction is such a dangerous dream
in the silence of a scream
of the agony of clarity dancing in a haze,
oblivious of the beauty of the blurry shadow
that follows its every move.

Listening dies in the eyes
of the all-seeing and knowing,
for it has no room to breathe,
and in the cacophony of sounds
played to muse and command,
the sound that carries or moves
denies itself the gift of seeing.

For in the blurry of being,
the whole of who we are melds
in the blurry of the one.
Withholding the seeking of clarity
amid the haze of every day’s uncertainty
continues to relish the moment
where the blurry calls you
and, in its essence, molds you.

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& one resource: The Long Road To Redemption-Jack by Soft White Underbelly

In this interview by Mark Laita with Jack, a recovered survivor of sexual abuse and drug addiction, there were so many shocking, sad, and uncomfortable moments. But the level of compassion and love in every word he said, even the painful moments, is beyond measure. So profound and intense. (trigger warning for sure) at 1hr 10min, he shares the most important lesson he has learned, and he says: “It's going to sound so trivial, but the most important lesson that I've learned in my life is that regardless of how I feel and regardless of what others say, I matter.”

Duration: 1 hour 15min. Give it a listen here

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