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Can we accept a world of "and" rather than "either-or"?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Sep 10, 2023

The narrative of "either-or" is a story of destruction. (Share on Twitter)

In every context, we will fail to achieve progress if we are stuck within the confines of either or. This or that.

From the macro to the micro, in an interconnected world compromising of connected humans in humanity and purpose, the narrative of divisiveness starts from the lack of acceptance that our uniqueness doesn't hinder our oneness.

It's not an either-or scenario, rather than an "and." One coin with two faces can be seen from different lenses but is forged from the same metal and can coexist simultaneously.

We can talk about it separately, but it's still the same coin. And neither side of it undermines the other.

Only the fear and perception of loss in either creates the chasm. Within a false sense of identity tainted by a limited perspective, we are crippled and debilitated in every conversation.

From globalization vs. nationalism, abundance vs. scarcity, to AI vs. humans, a winner is set to be expected while the premise is already positioned to fail.

And more than anything, we miss the opportunity to what could be in a world not governed by either-or, where we flourish in the dichotomy of opposites meeting in a captivating painting of both.

Can we accept a world of "and" rather than "either-or"?

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A Poem: In an instant it grew by Carlo Mahfouz

It grew in an instant to be
What no one could ever foresee

Witnessing its growth was such a thrill
In running and laughter its shadow covered every hill

Whether it was calm or loud you could never tell
Its mystery dissolved as its eyes on you fell

Of a dire need the song it sang bellowed
From within the depths of its hearth echoed

It grew in an instant to be
What no one could ever foresee

Once foretold to graze the sea for thee
With a heavy heart it left and in its hand the key

To one’s many and in many one
To this day a memory lost in the mist that spare none.

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& one resource: Tools for Thought Should Evolve Building Blocks by Gordon Brander

This is a great read on how small notes help you build a bank of knowledge to access and recompose later. It does a great job explaining why, even though not so easy to digest at times, the last section is worth reading, so don’t get bogged down halfway through.

Give it a read here

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