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Are you working against form or purpose?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Dec 10, 2023

When form overtakes purpose, all is lost. (Share on Twitter)

We love our processes, frameworks, models, and structures, yet often, we don't realize when the focus moves to be on them rather than the purpose they were created for in the first place.

And that is happening not only in the workplace but also in our societies and communities.

And the worst part is we rarely take a moment to correct course. We instead plunge deeper into the abyss of the form, so deep that we are bathed in darkness, thus losing sight of our priorities.

That said, don't get me wrong, frameworks are a great way to start, and they do work, but can we recognize when they stop working? Now, that is the challenge.

Are you working against form or purpose?

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A Poem: From Surviving to Thriving by Carlo Mahfouz

A body feels and responds is fair
A mind thinks & thinks until despair

All natural and human, nothing to be scared
Where the differences started and dared

Is in the irony that our essence is touched
By the shenanigans of the divisible sum crushed

Of a belief that strife is our nature
In passing of time it dressed itself as the future

Yet the reality is nothing more or nothing less
It can’t be subtracted or added into that mess

The infinity and purity in the silence of who we are
Is more than more could ever be whether too near or far

The body and mind survives that’s understood
As struggle, fragility and division is what’s under the hood

Yet the truth lies in a we and unity that thrives
Because it doesn’t have any other lives

But in its essence it’s sufficient and pleasant
From surviving to thriving our story is ever present.

Neither truth will diminish over time or fail
The fact is that one doesn’t have to prevail

To set the thriving free and out of the clutches
Of the surviving that keeps trying to be.

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& one resource: James Gorman on the In Good Company Podcast

An incredibly authentic conversation from the CEO and chairman of Morgan Stanley, James Gorman, with Nicolai Tangen. There are many interesting nuggets of wisdom throughout, but you can jump to 23:03 for a deep dive into his journey on what makes a good CEO and how he navigated the stress of it.

Duration: 46 minutes 21 seconds. Give it a listen here

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