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Are you seeking the right structure or the understood one?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Nov 19, 2023

When all else fails, the understood structure is the best fit, not the right structure. (Share on Twitter)

We build and adopt structures to fix problems. Yet sometimes, the best system is that which is implementable and understood.

You build a house to fit your needs, not the other way around. Now you can adapt your lifestyle to it but to a certain extent. Someone used to the amenities of the city can’t survive in the wilderness. Well, probably for a day, and then they perish.

The same applies to our organizations and personal lives.

The best diet is not the one you think yields the best result in aggregate but that which is tailored to your circumstances and you can adopt properly.

Are you seeking the right structure or the understood one?

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A Poem: Resist the urge to Agree or Disagree instead Ponder by Carlo Mahfouz

Resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

Let the fear sway you
And the guilt tempts you

Let the joy lift you

Without a ceiling to break
Let the skepticism play

Without taking over
Let the criticism scrutinize

Without leaving anything alive
Resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

For in the unexpected moment
Shall arise a seed

From outside your knowing
A beacon of wisdom will pierce the veil

From where it’s not clear
From who is even more obscure

Yet resist the urge to agree or disagree instead ponder.

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