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Are you scalable or a centralized machine of decision-making?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Oct 08, 2023

As a leader, every decision you make is a decision someone else could have taken. (Share on Twitter)

The prowess to decide is a taxing activity. Consolidated in one place, it creates a bottleneck for organizations and individuals.

It comes with a promise of power and control, yet it often leaks. With too many dimensions and stimuli to capture, the cognitive load eventually overflows, making it hard to scale, especially when it is concentrated in one place.

The centralization destroys the potential for scalability; thus, the question presents itself.

Are you scalable or a centralized machine of decision-making?

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A Poem: This second is so rich by Carlo Mahfouz

You can't even imagine how much and how deep it holds
Multitudes of instances of presence that you lack in this presence
Like a ring on your finger that disappears after being worn lies its essence
You forgot about it and got lost in its many folds

This second is so rich you are not bold enough to admit
Being aware of its depth you are out of your element to witness
As if seeing will make you see the marvel in its kindness
Of beauty unimagined, hidden in plain sight yet so hard to commit

To the plain simple, and darn difficult-to-perceive truth
That thirty or fifty years are nothing but an instance
In this second, they appear in the distance
Yet, in truth, they lie with you every night as a fairy tale coming for a tooth

The story is not a matter of exchange of monetary value for your time
Since the beginning, it was never but a tale
Governing your life, whipping it in endless gusts of gale
You thought you had control of and all, until it fell apart in a dime

Oh, this second is so rich
Give it a moment to be your core
As it deserves to be and forever more
For it is not a dream but a reality if you wish

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& one resource: Kahlil Gibran: Godfather of the “New Age” by Gus Mitchel

This article is an excellent reflection on the importance of context reinforcing a message, which often is very hard to glean when the message is shared. And as a cherry on the top, it discusses one of my favorite authors, Khalil Gibran.

Give it a read here

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