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Are you running away into the safety of a prison?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Oct 22, 2023

When scared, we seek safety in the bunker of constraints, not realizing that we just cornered ourselves with no way out. (Share on Twitter)

A wolf is chasing you down. You find a cave, and you crawl inside for safety. Yet the cave has no exit; the deeper you go inside, the more locked in you become.

You probably think we are too old for wolf stories, but I can guarantee you that we are exhibiting the same behavior at work, at home, or in our community today, and we are oblivious to it.

Instead of a wolf, we are chased by ideas, behaviors, or realities we don’t understand or accept. And the cave, respectively, is words, labels, identities, or social constructs. Finding shelter in them not only makes us safe but prisoners too.

Are you running away into the safety of a prison?

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A Poem: What brings you, what takes you by Carlo Mahfouz

What brings you home
What takes you to the brink but no more

What brings you, what takes you

In the silence of the party it scars you
In the chanting of the final resting place it hides you

What more it takes for home to be
What sorry story brings the endless eternity for you to see

What brings you, what takes you

Half the battle is won in not knowing
And the rest is won by losing to all that’s known

You feel the breathe heavy beneath the scars
You smell the taste of the hidden chants that lost their tune

It’s not your fault and by no means your call
Yet calling you are and taking it in you dare

What brings you, what takes you

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& one resource: Dyslexia is a feature, not a limitation by Mallu Moilanen

The story of Mallu is inspiring and educational at the same time. I have been following Mallu on LinkedIn for a while now, and I have learned so much about dyslexia as a result. From stupidity to being gifted, the consequences of shifting the realities of how we are different and treated accordingly is a major differentiator in every child and adult life and it is something we should keep in the forefront of our attention.

Give it a read here

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