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Are you reducing your communication to a 1 or 0?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Aug 13, 2023

You can be passionate about your opinion without the need to convince someone of it. (Share on Twitter)

In a polarized world, I see more and more of this notion of agreeing or disagreeing in terms of people having a conversation, and it’s absolutely disheartening to see. We inherently have reduced our communication to a one or zero.

And people are worried about AI.

In the face of the reduction of the complexity and richness of humanity into simple binary existence, I believe this is the bigger concern. Agree or disagree are not the only two modes a conversation can go. Many discussions can happen, and neither outcome would be achieved.

And that doesn’t mean that there was no outcome. It simply means it’s not that simple for an outcome to be understood or recognized.

Are you reducing your communication to a 1 or 0?

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A Poem: Plurality by Louis MacNeice

The modern monist too castrates, negates our lives
And nothing that we do, make or become survives,
His terror of confusion freezes the flowing stream
Into mere illusion, his craving for supreme
Completeness means be chokes each orifice with tight
Plaster as he evokes a dead ideal of white
All-white Universal, refusing to allow
Division or dispersal—Eternity is now
And Now is therefore numb, a fact he does not see
Postulating a dumb static identity
Of Essence and Existence which could not fuse without
Banishing to a distance belief along with doubt,
Action along with error, growth along with gaps;
If man is a mere mirror of God, the gods collapse.
No, the formula fails that fails to make it clear
That only change prevails, that the seasons make the year,
That a thing, a beast, a man is what it is because
It is something that began and is not what it was,
Yet is itself throughout, fluttering and unfurled,
Not to be cancelled out, not to be merged in world,
Its entity a denial of all that is not it,
Its every move a trial through chaos and the Pit,
An absolute and so defiant of the One
Absolute, the row of noughts where time is done,
Where nothing goes or comes and Is is one with Ought
And all the possible sums alike resolve to nought.

Source: Collected Poems by Louis MacNeice (Wake Forest University Press, 2013)

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& one resource: The real story of how Facebook almost acquired Waze, but we ended up with Google by Noam Bardin

A rare perspective from within the trenches of a billion-dollar deal, this article by Noam Bardin highlights a lot of the dynamics that happen within organizations and showcase the true value that makes a company what it is.

Give it a read here

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