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Are you ready to fall into the moment?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Oct 01, 2023

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For every moment, you are as ready as you could be for it, so just be. (Share on Twitter)

The latter statement is hard to swallow for the perfectionists and type A personalities where yours truly spent most of his life.

Because when the moment comes, and it does come every moment, you need to let go. To simply be. It is almost like this ridiculous trust test where you are asked to fall back confident that someone will catch you.

You will feel anxious, scared, and questioning every decision you’ve made that got you in that position in the first place. Simultaneously there is this childish exhilaration, excitement, and even joy that you cannot shake. That’s how it will feel.

Fall into the moment. The moment will catch you. I promise. It’s addictive. Once you get a taste, you can’t go back because you will continuously fall from one moment into the other.

And there is nothing more freeing. Thus the question presents itself:

Are you ready to fall into the moment?

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A Poem: Born Again by Carlo Mahfouz

A stream, a drop, a wave
Crystal clear flowing crave

Cradled by rocks and sea
The sun breaks through to see

From within the cracks a glimmer
Of hope, anew a fresh simmer

In an ocean already full
Within a sea yet to pull

Life into a fluttering fish
A bounty plentifully as a wish

Born and born again
A simple tale in peaceful zen

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& one resource: Alex Lieberman on Identity

This long tweet outlining Alex’s journey and his current struggles with his identity after selling his company is a great reminder of the power our identity holds over us. In between the games of the ego and the pursuit of success and happiness, his vulnerable testimony offers a refreshing take on purpose and more.

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