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Are you perfect or open to connecting?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Sep 03, 2023

We admire strength, yet we connect through our weaknesses. (Share on Twitter)

Have you ever tried to connect puzzle pieces that were a perfect square?

It is not possible; even though they are perfect, they have no means for a connection to happen.

The same applies to us.

While we admire success, praise, seek, and worship it, the reality is that it’s through failure and vulnerability that we truly connect and form a bond.

Our weaknesses are nothing but a gateway, a protrusion in the puzzle piece to allow others to connect into.

Are you perfect or open to connecting?

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A Poem: Let the Wind Carry You by Carlo Mahfouz

A rebel without soles on your feet
Untethered and connected to all you meet

With no mind to bare
Or soul to care

Free if freedom knew
Awake if awakening had a clue

In awareness of you and all
In surrender to silence and awe

Let the wind carry you
From shore to shore

Being sure and unsure
Of destination and goal

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& one resource: The Map is Not the Territory by Shane Parrish

This article is an 11-minute read, but if you read the first section alone, you will get a different perspective on how what we say about something is not the reality of it, and it starts with the very first sentence. “The map of reality is not reality.”

Give it a read here

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