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Are you leaving a space for a connection to happen?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Nov 12, 2023

If we want to connect, we need to create the space for a connection to happen. (Share on Twitter)

Even when connecting with ourselves, we undermine the power of space. The pause in between. The silence.

We assume that action and constant movement is where connections happen, yet in the busyness of what already is, something new cannot flourish.

A seed can’t grow if the space above is covered. It will suffocate. And a connection is a seed. It’s a relationship weaved in the gap between trying to grow into a new space.

When that space exists, it will persevere and rise.

Are you leaving a space for a connection to happen?

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A Poem: When the Truths Lay Bare by Carlo Mahfouz

Do not squirm in the middle of the night
Do not run from the rising tide

When the truths lay bare
Do not abandon hope
Do not relinquish love

When the truths lay bare
Do not drop the ball
Do not quiver from the crow

When the truths lay bare
Rise to the mountain tops
Pierce the truth in the eye
Cry a relentless cry
Drive the fear into the ground

When the truths lay bare
Dance naked in the wind
Shielded by the fragility of the soul
As a new day begin
to carry the restless home
As change washes away the scars
to mold them anew

For the old has wilted
For a new truth to take hold.

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& one resource: Nothing Changes the World by Gab Ciminelli

This post by Gab is a very profound reflection on our connection to everything going on around us. It digs deeper into some of the processing that we automatically default to when trying to understand difficult and serious problems humanity faces. Gab states: “If you really, really want to solve humanity's issue, look at yourself. Not force others to change their ways according to your own beliefs. Look at your own being - why do you resist? Why are you angry? etc.”

Give it a read here

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