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Are you holding your voice back?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Nov 05, 2023

Your voice is not ugly, and it needs to be heard. (Share on Twitter)

“My voice is ugly” is the first response I get when I tell someone I took singing lessons. Well, my next answer to that is usually always that you are dead wrong.

And the following questions enter the dance floor of the conversation.

1. How would you know when you never actually have heard your voice?
I mean, you do hear something, but that’s your inner voice, which none of us ever hear. Have you thought about that?

2. Are you sure it’s your voice that is the problem, not your weak breathing and posture or just these bad habits of speaking you acquired?
Truly, 90% of us have no clue how to breathe as soon as we leave the age of 3 (I made up a number, but roughly around then).

As we transition into adulthood, it just gets worse and worse up to the point where our breathing is just shallow and weak. And that’s often because we are holding ourselves; as we become more aware, we adhere rather than express ourselves.

We acquire bad habits from the society around us to fit in, whether that may be speaking low because it’s cool or sounding more powerful or even nasal as you pinch through and break the sound barrier.

3. You are scared to try. I understand it’s extremely vulnerable, but hey, aren’t we talking about vulnerability and authenticity in every other “frickin” leadership and organization training 😅

Yeah, this one I have a feud with because, often, we talk things to death before we actually give them a try.

So my point is your voice is not ugly, and give it a try. I promise you will be more surprised than you could ever imagine. Raise up your voice; you need to be heard.

Are you holding your voice back?

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A Poem: The ship is coming by Carlo Mahfouz

The ship is coming
Into the harbor, it’s closing

You might see it come through
Or waiting for it to board and go to

A destination that awaits 
You and the history that predates

The fates of many and all 
On the cruise of the ship coming tall

In the mist of the profound uncertainty 
One travels to a destiny that’s unraveling faintly

Like the ship on the horizon sailing 
The ship is coming

And who awaits long for the journey 
Whether they are ready for it or just holding

The ship is coming
Whether you board or watch with these & those

It is coming

Read the full poem

& one resource: Code Switching by Jayelene Clark Owens

On the topic of voice this week, this poem by Jayeline is so masterfully delivered that it will send shivers and goosebumps down your spine. Jayelene eloquently and powerfully recites: “I was trying to hold the real me down to suppress me so that you can trust me.” The words are powerful, but her voice is such a treat.

Duration: 3min 47sec. Give it a listen here

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