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Are you helping others to flourish?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Feb 18, 2024

You want someone to flourish; have their back. (Share on Twitter)

Of all the growth strategies I’ve witnessed and tried, this is the one that never fails. And it’s so much about your growth as those you are supporting.

Have someone’s back. It’s that simple.

And often, they won’t need anything from you except an affirmation that you got them. You will be surprised how powerful that is.

Are you helping others to flourish?

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A Poem: Wrong Question by Carlo Mahfouz

It’s the wrong question is often what needs to be said yet rarely it’s the case. We are taken hostage by the framing rather than reclaiming our rightful position in this charade.

A simple dance that feels out of control and out of the passions of a single opinion blatantly, we succumb and fall into the trap of a deceitful question.

A question that never was intended for its answer, but its purpose dwindles in withdrawing every single breath that you hold dear, so no answer except that which that question already implied is given.

It is in that storm that we lose sight of the truth that ever is, that the question sometimes is not a question at all but an answer imposed and dressed in beguiling form, standing proud as if no other could ever be.

Simply in that context, which is depriving and naive, is to be witness to the power of reclaiming what a few words could bring forward to see outspoken and stating: it is simply the wrong question.

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