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Are you aware of the optimizations your environment has done?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Dec 31, 2023

The environment we are in optimizes what we know. (Share on Twitter)

We make strides to be a knowledge house gathering information and growing our bank of expertise, yet despite our efforts, we remain machines designed to optimize.

And in each optimization, we squash knowledge to condense and summarize. Thus losing some of the details in the process. And that’s all fine and dandy until you move into a new environment that requires the details, but you have optimized not to have them.

Thus, you operate from a position where you assume you are on the same playing field as everyone, where in truth, most likely, you are not. Your knowledge of the details didn’t change, but the optimization is different per environment.

Are you aware of the optimizations your environment has done?

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A Poem: You are never too late by Carlo Mahfouz

No matter what, no matter who,
No matter where, no matter.
You are never too late.

To be too late is to acknowledge
that you know exactly the when,
the what, and the where at every turn and step.

Yet as soon as you start believing that,
then you should recognize as well
that you are deeply convinced
that everything is predefined
and there is no wiggle room.

Can you guarantee it
beyond doubt?

For you to be too late,
everything needs to be perfectly square
and, in its predisposition, an elegant narrative
you have no control of or driving, for that matter.

For being in full control
assumes never being late,
and simultaneously to be driven
by an exact path you cannot control
reflects the precision of showing up
exactly when you need to.

Isn’t that a wonderful conundrum?
And which one is it?

You are never too late
because the narrative of control
escapes you in its beauty predates you.

Be as it may, control or none,
what stays true in either world you choose,
never too late you are.

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& one resource: Rules and Rulelessness by John Durrant

This is an insightful read on constraints in the spirit of 2024 on the horizon. John states: “Perhaps it’s worth asking whether you are the kind of person who will comply with your own rules, or whether you actually might benefit more from deep introspection, perhaps through conversation with others, to really question your character, your values, and your true aspirations in life. You won’t stick to new rules unless you have a flexible sense of identity which can adapt to accommodate the lifestyle of someone who follows such rules. If you are not willing to shed your skin and let go of attachments to the ‘old you’, you will never become the ‘new you’.”

Give it a read here

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