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Are you aware of the disruption language is creating?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Feb 11, 2024

Language is the greatest invention humans have created in order to connect with each other, but it is our greatest prisoner too. (Share on Twitter)

When many things don’t add up, the most obvious answer is rarely on the transport layer and typically aimed at the content.

While the content might be the cause, more often than not, it’s the transport layer, the means we transfer information, ideas, and thoughts, that is the cause of our troubles.

The gateway and gatekeeper, the language we use, sits at the core and in between. When complexity rises, investigate the transport layer and not the content only.

Are you aware of the disruption language is creating?

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A Poem: The reign and the ring by Carlo Mahfouz

Scratch and bound in its destiny to be
A symbol from thee to promise an eternity
The love, life, and reign of the one
Misguided by the sane wisdom of none

A promise or a dream is yet to be gleaned
From the porch of an empty swing leaped
The song of a lifetime bound by the one ring
Yet the beauty of life is that the rejuvenating time is king

Broken the promise will be for an expected eternity
Over a symbol of one married to none but insanity
To believe the reign of a ring is one
Yet one it remains even when the ring is broken and done

Not ounce but many folds for its tarnished edges
Witness the timeless scratches over the ledges
The ring can change or not
No difference it makes, for the reign is not bound by a knot

Rounded in a metallic sphere of an expectation to secure
What should be boundless free and beyond any brew
Of concoctions of destiny, structure or form
For the formless in a symbol dies with no norm

Reign free oh ring on the ring
Broken the promise will be echoing
Over a symbol of one married to none but insanity
In forever more it remains nothing but a piece of jewelry

The reign of what could be
Cannot be withstood from the sphere of thee
Relinquish your power and in the multitudes
Embrace the one not for its promise nor it’s platitudes

The reign, the ring can’t match the boundless
In all it’s attempt for feable greatness
It bares nothing and all with no preparedness
Once the ring, the reign disappears in the endlessness

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& one resource: Politicians Started This! by Danny Jolles

I leave you with a comedy skit about something that should be so obvious about change and learning delivered in such an interesting reframe. Enjoy!

Duration: 9 min 46 seconds. Give it a listen here

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