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Are we influenced by content or interpretations?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Jun 29, 2023

Content matters, but interpretation matters even more. (Share on Twitter)

Every song has words, melody, and an artist performing it. And each part by itself is a creation, yet the words alone don’t make it a song. And one melody interprets the words one way, while an artist will render both a melody and words in their own style.

Every interpretation differs, and in each one, there is a world that stands on its own outside the bound of the source material that created it.

And as such, as we venture into this new world of creation, let us be reminded that while content matters, the interpreter and the interpretation matter more. We consume interpretations and not content.

It might sound the same, but it’s not. You are still part of the process when you interpret, which will not change no matter how the content is created.

In every piece you consume, what and how you interpret it is on you.

Are we influenced by content or interpretations?

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A Poem: The giver by James Baldwin

If the hope of giving
is to love the living,
the giver risks madness
in the act of giving.

Some such lesson I seemed to see
in the faces that surrounded me.

Needy and blind, unhopeful, unlifted,
what gift would give them the gift to be gifted?
The giver is no less adrift
than those who are clamouring for the gift.

Source: Jimmy Blues and other poems (Beacon, 2014)

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& one resource: Evaluation of the “Rethink Stress” Mindset Intervention: A Metacognitive Approach to Changing Mindsets

This very recent paper from May 18, 2023, is a long read, but the abstract section gives great insight into demonstrating how changing the mindset around stress changes how it impacts us.

Give it a read here

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