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Are we expanding into deficiencies or resolving them?

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Carlo Mahfouz | Nov 26, 2023

Pause and resolve deficiencies rather than expanding into them. (Share on Twitter)

Our innate behavior is to expand and fill the space. A problem arises, and instead of taking a moment to resolve it correctly, we flow into it. It is difficult to resist the urge to expand, especially when the issues seem easily addressable.

Like water flowing into the gaps and holes of a structure, that is how we are built to address issues. And in that behavior, we assume the structure became whole. Yet, far from it.

Instead, often we are creating more significant problems altogether as expanding soon enough will reach its limit, and we will collapse. Pausing is vital, followed by a proper solution rather than whatever fits to cover the gap.

Are we expanding into deficiencies or resolving them?

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A Poem: To the Rhythm by Carlo Mahfouz

That runs the world without a notice
The composer of every song and hum
The shy squeeze that contracts to release
Life and flowery red in the cheeks

To the rhythm in the endless wheel
That turns with every silent breathe
A glory on its own a bliss for every soul
A true story that doesn’t need to be told

The sound that beats without missing a beat
To echo in the chambers without a seat
For it doesn’t need an audience
Or a witness to it’s kingly moments

To shine in the wake of the dawn
Connecting all in a tapestry in every instance redrawn.
To the rhythm
That runs the world without a notice

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& one resource: Embracing the Wonderful Things by David Marlow

As the holiday season is coming over us, this beautiful reflection from David resonated deeply with me: “Our challenge as humans is that the more often we see the things around us, even the beautiful and wonderful things like holidays and family, the more they can become invisible to us.” It is a short read. Check out his newsletter/LinkedIn feed for more insights, especially on Sunday: Marlow’s Musings.

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