A Collection of Non-Dual-Inspired Writing

“This is the simple truth of what we are, the essential and inescapable reality that shines behind the doubtless sense of being present and aware. No one can say ‘I am not’, as the very statement presupposes the existence of the one attempting to deny his or her own existence. This is why one’s existence is the touchstone or ‘gold standard’ by which all other truths are evaluated.”

John Wheeler

Pointers to Freedom Ebook Cover

Pointers to Freedom

Explore not from one but 17 different authors versed in a truth you want to recognize but are unsure where to start. Pointers to Freedom ebook is an effortless collaboration to be of service with a tapestry of voices as one.

From the Introduction:

"With pointers, it’s not the words that are important, but the living reality behind the words that makes the difference. Each author in this compilation has their own unique, human style of expression of the same universal truth.

Due to our conditioning and experiences, we may resonate with one expression while being repelled by another. That is why a compendium of modern expressions makes so much sense.

Some of these contributions may “do” nothing for you. And one of them may be exactly the pointer you need to hear for you to re-cognize the truth of our shared Being."

By Katrijn van Oudheusden

This work wouldn’t be possible without Katrijn van Oudheusden at the helm.

Katrijn van Oudheusden

Exploring practical, empirical non-duality; the pathless path to freedom from the separate self. | Subscribe to Newsletter →

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This collection is a celebration of the increasing number and variety of voices expressing non-dual understanding. We are very lucky to be living in a time where we have such free and easy access to these truths. You will see that this understanding is relevant to all types of individuals and to all aspects of our lives. It is the freedom we are looking for but often don’t even realize we’re missing.

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